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  • Business Panels,
  • ABC/BOC Fitter & CHW, RN CEUs
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Speakers Bios

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AABCP 2020 Global Breast Care Summit & Expo -- PRELIMINARY AGENDA (more to come) 
June 21, 2020
Fit Clinic. (opportunity to gain experience hours in a group setting)
Certification Class
Exhibitor Setup
June 22-23, 2020
PMC Advocacy & Legislative Update
Ethics in Post Mastectomy Care
Documentation that Works!
Think Like an Auditor
Medicare Policy for the Real World
ABC Accreditation & Business Update
Business: Valuation & Exit Strategies of Small & Family-owned Businesses
International Post Mastectomy: A look at Peru
Advanced Fitting: Breast Prostheses & Metastatic Breast Cancer
2020: Current Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines
Burnout Syndrome: The prevalence of PTSD among post-mastectomy caregivers.